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EUS team  

Mission statement :

We are an independant european team of about 28 scientists (physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, biologists, computering , optics engineers, free energy researchers, linguists, archeologists...) and free UFO researchers who have been silently involved in ufological investigations for more than 20 years.

EUS is a diverse team from over 10 different european nationalities. We share professional, respect and friendship links for a very long time. Each one of us have is accurate research field and skills and individually deal with, and share his results when, and in the way they wish with the rest of the team.

The most important thing for EUS :

Is to work and continue the research without any waste of time. As many of us are in university careers, or the like, for the moment we have decided to protect the private datas of the associate members of the team, and publish our statements, and conclusions as a joint voice of one accord, and thus the group EUS.